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  President Trump Remarks at Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  February 29, 2020 3:33pm-5:03pm EST

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♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea houston ♪roit down to ♪ and new york to l.a. everye the pride in american heart ♪ ♪ and it's time we stand and say that i'm proud to be an american ♪ ♪ where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ and i gladly stand up next to you ♪ ♪ and defend her till today ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the u.s.a. and i'm proud to be an
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american ♪ ♪ where at least i know i'm free won't forget the men who died ♪ ♪ who gave that right to me and i gladly stand up ♪ ♪ next to you and defend her till today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the u.s.a. ♪ [cheering] [chanting] crowd member: u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! [chanting] you.ll, i want to thank i'm thrilled to be back at cpac with the thousands of proud ourican patriots who love country, respect our flag, honor our history. [cheering] >> uphold our laws, protect our always putn, and america first. right? [cheering] long time.n a
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we had a great night yesterday, in south carolina. incredible. we filled up a stadium like you haven't seen. this stadium was packed. and thousands of people outside. i saw the competitors, our competitors, that have like two people on the street corner. [laughter] >> it's incredible what's going on. this is a movement like -- honestly like nobody's ever seen before. that, and if it wasn't so, the fake news media would be us.over he exaggerated! every once in a while you see somebody who did well, let's say well in new hampshire, or did it, in iowa.n win and the whole life of that because we won the election. we did well in those places. everybody. sit down. [laughter] >> we won the election! so it's great.
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and i came here and i got to know madden and mercedes. they said, would you speak? very famous. ooh. [laughter] >> i guess more famous now. very famous. i made a speech. they liked the speech. they said, you ought to run for president. remember that? you ought to run for president. we had a big crowd. the apprentice was doing so well. it was a hot, to put it mildly, show. he said, you ought to run for president. i said, let me give it a little thought. of years later, we said let's do it. [cheering] >> i'll never forget, one of the on --, charles, he said this isn't so good, but he said on fox. would he do, why this? you have 17 of the most talented professionals ever assembled are running.
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why would he run? he's not going to run. ithe does, he's only doing for fun. do you think this has been fun? [laughter] think --nybody mercedes, do you think this has been fun? you know this has been just a ball. ball.had a but you know what? you know what? we're doing so well, and we're doing so much, no administration has ever done what we've done in three [cheering] >> nobody. tax cuts or -- [cheering] >> supreme court judges. 218 judges. 218, including d.c. defeating thee're radical, socialist democrats, the fake news media, the crooked politicians and the hate-filled left wing mob. and i told you i was gonna be nice today. see? [laughter] >> i said, let's be nice today. it's hard to be nice when they treat you so badly, right? only a fool is nice when they treat you so badly. we're defending our faith, our
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values, our heritage, our rights, and our god-given freedoms. we're doing that. this is an incredible -- look at all those people back there. this place has grown. look. [cheering] >> wow! that's fantastic. [cheering] >> i don't know who they are, but they must be very special, here.ittle group over [laughter] out halftt to block the arena for this group of people, i'm trying to figure out, who are they? at first i thought they were the fake news. i said, too bad they have such a good location. i don't know who you are, but you're very important. [cheering] >> it's true. very important people. we're exposing the corruption of the washington democrats and washingtoning the
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swamp. [cheering] >> i just didn't know how dirty it would be. i didn't know how deep it would be. when i said, drain the swamp, for a long time, you know, i was that expression. a speechwriter gave it to me. hokie. that's so i said, that's the worst. i don't want to use it. anyway, ends up in one of the speeches. i said, we will drain the swamp. right? the place went crazy. try it again. and we did it again. and the place went crazy. here's the bad part. i never knew the swamp was so bad. it's really bad. we're winning and we're winning not easy but we're winning. a lot of dirty people. lot of very bad people. a lot of bad people. and i think -- i think justice will be had. or i wouldn'that, be very happy right now. we got through everything. they gave us the mueller hoax.
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they gave us the russia, russia, russia crap. they gave us the -- one phone call that was a perfect phone call. oh, let's get him out of office for that phone call. but, you know, the republicans romney,gether, except of course. you know romney. [booing] >> lowlife. lowlife. except romney. they stuck together. vote, so i got half a you know... [laughter] >> i think because he did vote -- he couldn't do it all, because he wanted to get some nice, free publicity for himself. but it was 52.5 out of 53 votes. i guess you can say that, right? 52.5. think of it. the republicans were fantastic. i tell you what, that's when you find out who your friends are, really. it is. and we had 52.5 votes. in the house, we had 107. it 107-0 with the republicans. 107-0. and we got three democrats.
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and one came over and left the party.t jeff van drew. [cheering] really, together we're preserving this exceptional our ancestors fought and died to build. america greater than ever before. we really are. i think it's gonna be greater what we'reefore with doing with our military and what we're doing also to get rid of people. we have such bad people. and they're not people that love our country. reallyetting people that love our country. and it's so important. and if i wasn't able to fulfill matter what other things we've done, i would not consider this journey to be a success. so just remember that. [applause] >> one of my most important promises to the american people america's long-running wars in the middle east. forces, and we're all
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irriors, folks, but 19 years, see the people. i go over and i say hello to over incredible soldiers at walter reed. what talent you have at walter reed. have to bers, they the best in the world, what they can do. [applause] >> and i see the arms and the legs missing. and i see what's happened to some of these incredible, people.l and i see the strength, the spirit. the spirit that they have. i mean, even if they can't walk, if they've lost back.egs, they want to go sir, i want to go back. and it's just incredible to see it. and i'm gonna mention it a little bit later, but, you know, knocked out solomoni, the father of the roadside bomb. we killed him. bagdadi.
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[chanting] crowd member: o.s.u.! o.s.u.! >> solemi, they called him the father of the roadside bomb. he thought it was great. kept getting bigger and more sophisticated. he said, my last day, it was my last day in afghanistan. and they had the mine detectors. he said, i trusted this man with life. he was the best. i've never seen anything like it. those.d detect we felt so safe. but unfortunately, his last day, plastic sohem out of you couldn't defect them. it went off, killed the man who the detector and badly, badly injured a lot of people. he was one of them. it, sir.think of i said, why did it go off? he said, because they made it and the plastic doesn't get detected by the detector.
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it was the last day and he lost his legs. took that son of a bitch out, didn't we? [cheering] >> should have been done a long time ago. >> that should have been done a long time ago. should have been done a long time ago. al bagdadi, he's the father of isolates and we defeated isis in the middle east. we have defeated 100% of the caliphate. we killed many, many terrorists. when i took over, by the way, it mess. therso much -- i hate to say th, republicans, but they had maps. and it was all red. red meant isis. i hate to say this. color.hange the i actually did change the color. but they showed me maps. iraq and portions of syria, isis and we don't want them ever to come here.
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i have some great people. some incredible generals. i had decisions to mike, because they were -- to make, because were not doing it right. we made the decision and we took them out. remember i got to 98%? now i can bring our people back home. then what happened? the press, they didn't care. they went crazy. he didn't complete the job. i was at 98%. didn't complete the job. >> i said, general, complete the job and they completed the job. europeans should be helping us, because many of those people that we're guarding of, thousands and thousands isis fighters and others, and many of those people will go germany andce and others, and we say, take them. no, no, no. we don't want them. things for other people and they forget. sometimes our allies treat us worse than our enemies. hate to say this to you, but sometimes they do. it's very sad.
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did them a big favor. but that's all right. it's all working out very well. bagdadi, whout al everybody was after. you'd see him all the time, with a he got older. but they were looking for him for 16 years. first things i said when i came in, you gotta find al bagdadi. all of a sudden, they walk in and say, we have them sir. they were following him. all over the middle east. he'd move from place to place to place. said, sir, we had them. i had to give an order and i gave an order. 66, the most what, incredible soldiers you've ever eightthey went in on helicopters. day you know, in modern warfare, you can watch. i'm watching it from the situation room. you can't make a movie like this. [laughter] >> for instance, there's no dog like conan. no dog.
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conan, right? [applause] >> in fact, conan, after the operation was a tremendous success -- they were looking for him for a long time. was a lot of violent fighting. then ultimately we got him. tunnel.t the end of a and conan was going after him. you know that story. but the guys went after him. and we got him. howyou wouldn't believe great it felt, and when you saw the professionalism of these you.ers, i can't even tell nobody has a military like we have. there's nobody with the talent that we have. incredible. [cheering] >> they got him and he knew it. he knew it. heard that first little explosion, took him about three seconds. out of the wall. i said, why don't they go through the front door? theaid, sir, you go through front door, you got a lot of bullets coming at you.
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a solidt through concrete wall. boom. so fast. so now they're shooting the behind.ys from that's much better, right? [laughter] >> guys are saying, who is that? who is that? [laughter] >> unbelievable. you don't have a movie like that. and conan actually -- conan was more press than your president. about a half a day story. somebody else would have done it, it would have been the greatest thing that ever happened. but that's all right. i do it for a different reason. do it because we have to, to keep ourselves safe. i do it also for all of the andle that they killed wounded. [cheering] >> they killed and wounded a lot of people. cannot bean forces the plismen for the spire -- all over the world and a're lot of times, we're not even
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appreciated. be the policemen for the world. we the democracy builders, just can't do that for every nation that seems to have difficulty. nationsly for those that don't appreciate what we do. and there are many of them. many of them. goes with trade we've changed the whole thing around. is to be secure. and my job is to make sure that defend oure and to country first. our country. states --united [applause] >> today the united states signed a deal with the taliban so we can begin the immediate bringing our troops back home. [cheering]
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>> 19 years! 19 years. thank you. and as you know, others wanted to do it. got it done. just signed it. and i want to thank a lot of people. have to thank. you know who we have to thank? the families and those lostdible people that their lives to start off with, ok? [cheering] >> those incredible families. gotten to know so many families. we have to thank our wounded missing that came home limbs, serious, serious. our great wounded warriors. care of them.ood [applause] just thank ouro military, because we've been really a police force there for time. we're not supposed to be a police force. we're supposed to be fighting soldiers. we could win that war easily if
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we wanted to kill a million nothing to dove with it, that don't know anything about us. feeling.really a great i watched the ceremony today, early in the morning on our television. mike pompeo, secretary of state -- [applause] >> secretary of defense. esper is doing a great job. inpeo and esper were different locations, signing with different groups. pretty complicated deal, i have to be honest. but in exchange for the taliban's action against al-qaeda and other terrorists who could threaten us, we're prepared to begin those force withdrawals. and thehe taliban afghan government live up to mayr commitments, and they or they may not, but i think they have a lot of reason why they will. will.k they that means that the longest war in american history, by far -- close -- will be over.
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[applause] >> and, again, the agreement was made possible by the of ourdinary bravery american warriors, the sacrifice people. incredible their allies. i want to also thank -- i will this. nato came in and secretary general of nato. we had 28, essentially 28 countries participating in this. and they're very happy to be out. soon to beto be -- doing other things. i'll say this for the taliban. they're great fighters. they're great fighters. all you have to do is ask the soviet union. are they great fighters? they are great fighters. but they're tired also. 19 years. years, so i'm very happy to announce that this group in particular -- it's just sort of -- i should say we scheduled it forour cpac day. [laughter]
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>> you know? cpac.eduled it for what better place? but we salute those who gave salute all ofd we those incredible people. and after years of rebuilding nations, we are finally rebuilding our nation and taking own american citizens! it's time, right? it's time. [cheering] [chanting] crowd member: u.s.a.! >> you remember recently, when i syria,e soldiers out of and everyone said, well, we have to protect the border between turturkey and -- i said, why? what does it have to do with us? they've been fighting for a thousand years. why are we protecting the border? do that! i did it. we created a safe zone. and i did leave a number of because we kept the oil. there's oil there. we kept the oil, if it's ok.
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say, he left soldiers there! no, no, i left soldiers to keep the oil. ok? want to say that. they like to say, he kept soldiers there! tell the truth. these people are the worst. they are. [laughter] >> so much easier for our country if we had a press that truth.e [cheering] >> it's true. we're also committed to ensuring that those who mean to us harm as a nation, are denied admission to america. they're not allowed into our country. and we have some very, very powerful people right now. strong.ers are all of the 9/11 hijackers came
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and we areas determined to keep radical outmic terrorists the hell of our country. [cheering] >> and we're keeping them out. is also health security. in our efforts to keep america my administration has taken the most aggressive action in modern history to control our borders and protect americans from the coronavirus. [applause] >> it came from china. of theearly stages foreign outbreak, i ordered toeping travel restrictions prevent uncontrolled spread of this disease. itook a lot of heat because did it very early. you know, we had never done it before, matt. never done it before. had never done anything like that before.
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so not only did we do it but i did it very early. and that decision has been now like anry good grades, a-plus plus plus. [applause] >> i took a lot of heat, even from my own people. we did the right thing. the extreme fringes called us imposing these critical, lifesaving measures. they wanted to let infected our country.nto i don't think they knew how bad it was, in all fairness. deter us fromll protecting the well-being of the people. [applause] >> my job is to protect and also, very crucially, in this case to health.americans' and we'll do that and we will do it with vigor. today my -- thank you. that is why today my administration announced new measures to protect americans to
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the fullest extent possible. the existing ban on travel by most iranian banning thee're travel of anyone who has been to iran in the last 14 days. a very biging outbreak. [applause] >> and they say here and now, if we can help the iranians, we're things for them now, and if we can help the iranians, we have the greatest professionals in the world, and if we can help the iranians with this problem, we so.certainly willing to do we would love to be able to help them. all they have to do is ask. have great professionals over there. we have the best in the world. [applause] >> and we're raising the state forrtment travel advisories south korea and italy, unfortunately, including a level four. that's the highest. do not travel advisory for several areas of both countries. two areas of each
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country that is very heavily infected. urging americans to exercise increased caution throughout all of europe. we will do everything in our power to keep the virus and those carrying the infections our country. as you know, we took in approximately 40 people that were americans, and they may have had it. some had it. in quarantineput and it's working out. many of them are in good shape now. and they're better in going home. tos time for all americans put politics aside and to come together to work for the health, thety and security of american people. [applause] maybe it's a natural reflex, but i watch -- because we have done a great job. if nothing else, making that very early decision, weeks, weeks early. job.e've done a great i've gotten to know these
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professionals. they're incredible. control.thing is under i mean, they're very, very cool. they've done it. and they've done it well. really under control. but when they put a mic in front and the democrat said, he doesn't even know what's going on. is trump doing? he's doing a terrible job. well, sadly, i'd probably say same about them. [laughter] >> you know? i guess it's a natural reflex. how is donald trump doing, nervous nancy? he's doing a terrible job. terrible. crying chuck schumer, he sees the mic. to get to a0 yards mic. he always did. in new york, same thing. yards tohundreds of find a mic. he's doing a terrible job! i don't know. now?s he working on this is a different kind of a deal. you know, we've made great deals. deals.rade great everything. but this is different.
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we've got to be very careful with this stuff. if we're doing a good job, and it's really the professionals. have to be given a lot of credit for it, because a lot of people wouldn't be able to do . make it nonpartisan. [applause] >> in just three short years under my administration, we've already achieved unprecedented victories and unrivaled gains for our citizens. as i said in any state of the union -- my state of the union ofress, we are in the midst the great american comeback. that's what is happening. [cheering] >> our economy is roaring. jobs are booming. soaring.ty is poverty is plummeting. crime is falling. and america is stronger today than ever before. stronger today. our military is incredible. we have rebuilt our incredible u.s. military.
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revived our industrial might and restored our standing in the world. america is respected again. respected like never before. [cheering] crowd member: u.s.a.! u.s.a.! [chanting] >> since my election, america million neweven jobs, five million more than government experts projected at the end of the last administration. were saying the most you could possibly do is two million. million.ven i never even said we were gonna do seven million. that's a lot of jobs. unemployment has reached the lowest rate in over 51 years. unemployment rate
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for my administration is the any president in the history of the united states. [cheering] >> that's a good one. that's a good one. the unemployment rate among hispanicmericans, americans, and asian americans has reached record lows. all record lows, everyone. lowest ever. seen theire have wages increase by 16%, a record. threeeir wages are rising times faster than those wages of -- the last four years did you ever hear of this, gentlemen? the obama administration. [booing] >> ever hear of him? [booing] >> more than two million jobs.nials have gotten we have lifted 10 million people welfare rolls and seven million people off of food
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stamps. [cheering] trump under the so-called economy, we are actually achieving the progress, hope and change that liberals have been falsely promising for decades. to deliver oriled produce. and it's really driving them crazy. [laughter] >> that's why we'll probably end up with crazy bernie. bernie. he's crazy. we've got some beauties. joe, crazyleepy bernie, mini mike, but i think he's out of it. [laughter] >> i would like to spend 700 million and end up with nothing. mini mike. i know him well. i knew that was gonna happen. that was probably the worst performance in the history of presidential debates. do we agree? has there ever been anything like that?
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[cheering] going to keep spending the money. i think this weekend, i hear his ad on tuesday. he's going for thursday. he's going to spend a lot of money. just shows you that you can't buy an election. i mean, it just -- there's a point at which people say, you bring the goods a little bit too. goods.ta bring the boy, did pocahontas destroy him? you.tell and look what i did to her! [laughter] >> she choked. you know, she went out and got a test, because i was coming on the pocahontas. remember, i said, i have more in me than she does, and i have none! said it. love to have some, but i have none! [cheering] >> and she was getting hit with name, pocahontas. the good ones. th of
4:05 pm
they said, we want you to apologize for that name. and i did. i apologized. heard me apologize. i apologized. to the real pocahontas, i apologized. [applause] and shehe went out me!, oh, this guy's killing remember, she was dropping like a rock. but i learned something. early.o it too i said, what am i doing? i should have saved this. burning embers when she started. failed.mately she she was really mean to mini mike. him!dn't know what hit she's going, oh, get me off of this stage! off!e get me off of this stage! [cheering]
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[chanting] >> thank you very much. we hit a nerve there, huh? [laughter] >> bad guy! left radicals are becoming increasingly desperate and dangerous in their quest to transform america into a country you would not recognize, a country in which
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they country every aspect of justice, socialist and communist movements, done all over the world. all,re cracking down on and demanding absolute conformity. they want total control. massively raise your taxes, bury you in regulations, take over american health care, indoctrinate our children there kindergarten to you see that happening. kids are coming home saying, what's going on here, dad? kids get it. but eventually, they can be taught, unfortunately. impose a fanatical code of political correctness, bombard with fake news propaganda, and implement turn america would large-scale into a venezuela. [booing] >> they want to take away your money. away your choice. take away your speech.
4:08 pm
guns.way your take away your religion. take away your history. future.y your and take away ultimately your freedom. [booing] >> but we will never let them do that. [cheering] >> for many years, the radical sustained an american culture, institutions and values, went unanswered. but now we are fighting back and we are winning like never before. we're here. we are winning, you know? [applause] tothere was a time i used come to cpac.
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it didn't have this kind of energy. number one, you didn't have the president. [laughter] >> you know, i was only going to for matt once. i said, look i'm president, i can't go to cpac. right, matt? i can't do it. next they call us, can you do it again next year? yeah, i guess. [laughter] >> this is like my fourth time or something, right? more. or more. and i'll be here next year. ok? [cheering] >> why not? [chanting] you.ank from the moment i took the oath the left has pursued -or-turnless crusade to
4:10 pm
the -- overturn the results of the 2016 election and sabotage our next election. you know that. it was all a big hoax, disgraceful. caught the dirty cop on top. had i not fired comey, it would have been a whole different story. would have been a whole different story. [applause] >> that was a great firing, i'll say. a lot of people say, oh, you shouldn't have done that. no, no. just the opposite. fire him -- remember the insurance policy, right? remember that? friend over there, you are the greatest. thank you very much. stand up, please. look at him. look. does everybody know jeffrey? a great guy. used to defend me on cnn, then he defended me just a little bit and they said, jeffrey, get the hell out. thank goodness you're on fox now, right? he used to defend me. he used to say, he's better than ronald reagan and that was jeffrey.r that was the end.
4:11 pm
fete ou -- get out of here, jeffrey! we don't want you anymore. he was too good. thank you for being here, jeffrey. after me and we fight them back. and now we're going after them, because we have no choice. have to straighten out our country. efforts of the best the left wing fanatics, their schemes, slanders, they've all been discredited, totally discredited. doing?comey how is -- by the way, how is bob mueller doing? that was a great performance in congress. raise your right hand. what? [laughter] >> did you want a job in the house, running the f.b.i.? um... no. oh, he did. he did. what happened to him? that was a lie. that was a lie. we have it down. he said, no, it was a lie. he wanted a job.
4:12 pm
he wanted to be director of the f.b.i. and then they appointed him the following day, into special counsel. call it special prosecutor because special prosecutor is a much more accurate name. did to us, what they tried to do, and yet can you imagine, with all of that, going that, with af cloud over your head like nobody's ever had, for us to done more than any other administration? i mean, it's sort of a miracle think.u sort of a miracle or it's the toughness or it's something. [applause] it's right there, right? thank you. thank you, god. how did we do that? how did we do it? best economy. greatest military. greatest tax cuts in history. greatest regulation cuts in history. those judges, those
4:13 pm
beautiful judges. two supreme court judges. great ones. but their sinister plots have been exposed. credibility has been totally destroyed. they're still just dealing with embers, you know, a little bit like pocahontas. she had those embers. up and started coming that was the end. but they have embers too. they have a lot of bad people around. but one by one, with the help of everyone here today, the back, bigger, is better and stronger than ever before. [cheering] up forgot and impoverished communities, we across opportunities all our country. senator tim scott was so good. jobs, opportunities and investment. now pouring into the places that needed it the most.
4:14 pm
we have poor areas that haven't invested in them in years and years and years. and now millions of dollars are going in there. we're transforming them. it's incredible. talked about much by the media. it's one of the greatest things ever done in terms of economic development. opportunities. millions and millions of dollars are being pureed. poured in by the federal government. not being poured in by the federal government. incredible thing. we passed the largest package of tax cuts and reforms in american history. than any before. and it's incredible. you know, all my life -- i've been doing this for five years, ok? but all my life i've watched politics. there's always the guy that cut taxes. you want to cut taxes? a strangeats have platform. they don't want a wall. they want people to pour in. taxes,nt to raise your right? they say, we want to raise taxes! this,ying to say, is like, a good thing to campaign
4:15 pm
on? they want to raise taxes, right? think of it. they want to have sanctuary cities where you protect bad many the sanctuary cities -- and by the way, we just won the big case. did you see that? [cheering] >> two days ago. they have a sanctuary city and what we need for law enforcement. we don't have to pay them any of that money, billions and billions and billions. wow! where did that come from? [cheering] did that come from? 40 million american families are enjoying an average of 2,200 more in their pockets, thanks to a beautiful thing that republicans really don't know about too much. you know, the democrats like to take credit. called child tax credit. we took that. that was ivanka trump. ivanka trump. she wanted that so bad.
4:16 pm
ofve cut a record number job-killing regulations because taxation, is stealth especially on the poor. we have cut more regulations in this administration, in three years, than any administration cut in four years, in eight years, or in one case longer than that. you know who that was? good old fdr. war on american energy. i'll tell you what, we don't negatively, but if for any reason any of these characters get in there, you can howet -- i don't know you're going to win texas, by the way. i don't know how you're going to pennsylvania, by the way. they don't want petroleum products. other than that, they're right?ul, how about this character beto? said, i was born to run. he was born -- that was a disaster. born.d, i was anybody that says he was born to
4:17 pm
run, he was born to do what i'm doing -- i don't even say it and i won. [laughter] >> it's true. no. presumptuous. i was born to run for president. well, then he came out against guns, religion and oil. and he comes from texas. lincolnid, abraham couldn't win in texas without those! happened to beto? beto, come on back, beto. he was born to run for president! he got down to less than 1%. so many of those people are less 1%. how can you be less than 1%? you gotta be really bad. is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas in the entire world, by far. [cheering] >> never again will our country of hostileercy foreign suppliers. america has declared energy independence. i declared it. we're energy independent. [cheering] >> big thing.
4:18 pm
it's a big deal. it's a big deal. you ever noticed in the straits, we always took care, we never ten cents for it. we would keep those straits open. nobody would dare mess around with all those countries that were making trillions and trillions and billions and billions. those straits open. it was great, jeffrey. beautiful what we did for these other countries. they never paid us 10 cents. we kept them open. shoot at other ships, fight iran. and we said, do we ever get paid anything? right? but now they're saying, you know, when they were blowing up last year, they were saying, we'd love to get an american ship but they don't them.oo many of you know why? we have our own energy now. it's pretty good. gone way down. but you know who does get a lot of it? 60%? china. say, so let me ask you. why are we keeping the straits
4:19 pm
open for china and others? but china gets tremendous amount, percentage-wise, tremendous. you've got a lot of really nice people running our country over the years. perhaps i'm not nice but i'm doing a great job for you. [cheering] yet every democrat candidate wants to shut down energy production, including oil, natural gas, and nuclear. they like wind. wind. [laughter] >> i won't repeat it. the best line in the whole thing was wind. darling, i'd like to watch television. i'm sorry, alice. the wind eat's not blowing. watch.'t that was the best line! i don't like to be repetitive.
4:20 pm
[laughter] >> like sleepy joe where he says thing four different times. well, he's got a bad habit. ohio, and gentlemen of it's great to be with you. joe, joe! you're in iowa. [laughter] >> that was seven times he's done that. done it once. and if i did, you know what i'd do? i'd walk off the stage, because can do tothing you come back from that. you can be winston churchill, a great, great speaker. winston churchill was pretty good, right? you could be winston churchill for the rest of the speech and the press doesn't kill him, you know. the other night -- this was really a beauty. sleepy joe. killed 150ns have million people in our country. [laughter] >> and i'm watching. great firstour lady -- she's done a great job -- i said, first lady -- [cheering]
4:21 pm
>> great job. she's doing a great job. very popular. very popular. style. great style. loves our country. her father is here somewhere. where is victor? victor? her father is here today. where is victor? her father is here some place, someplace in this room. there he is. hello, victor! [cheering] >> her father. great guy. but i said to our great first lady, first lady -- i like calling her first lady -- [laughter] >> i love calling her first lady. lady, she said, it's ok, you can call me melania. good. [laughter] >> now, see, when i have fun gonnahat, you know what's happen tomorrow? it will be a headline. he calls her "first lady" they just -- we can have
4:22 pm
fun. remember this thing, russia, if remember?tening -- it was a big thing. in front of 25,000 people. said. -- it was all they cut it off right at the see thethat you don't laughter, the joke. they said, he asked for help, right? russia, if you're listening. very famous. they cut that thing so quick at end, because they didn't want to hear the laughter in the place. it was just boom! these are really dishonest people. but i said to her -- it's true. me ask youer, let this. did he just say that we killed 150 million people? that's half of our population. this is a terrible -- we have to on! out what's going this is bad. [laughter] >> this wasn't reported by the fake news. so i said, i've got to check that, first lady, because you know what?
4:23 pm
killed laston were year by guns, and they didn't story -- see, they didn't report the story. they didn't report it. but you know what? i said, well, his debate is dead. nothing he can say. said his debate was great. he did a great job. if i would have said that, it would have been over. know, it only takes one like aphrase for me, line little couple of words. a word withonounce all i speak, they say if he "the,"ounces the word they said, he mispronounced "the"! there's something going on. here's a guy that said they killed 150 million people with and nobody even talks about it. blows it of times, he with -- i don't do it. fortunately, i don't need it someday iully, maybe
4:24 pm
will. but you know what you can do? name of thewn the state that you speak in. [laughter] >> and you put it up there. and whenever you're gonna say the word, you look down. today, folks. i'm in maryland. i'm in virginia. i'm in iowa. the onecorrected him, time he said, iowa! and then they said, no, no. idaho. and he said, didn't i say that? say that.n't he thought they were the same. [laughter] he's gonna have, i think, a pretty big win today, i think. based on the polls. in the hell does he have a big win? can you imagine? and i don't know. know, i should -- you did a poll last night. should i do that here? am i allowed? going tose you're not charge me? you know, these pollsters -- you know, they're the other ones, the fox pollster is the
4:25 pm
worst of all. but i don't know. fox is good. bad.he pollster is so fox is good. you know, they're ok. they're ok. people on.rtain you know they have a good show. then they put these people, the the end.mpers on there's nothing you can do to recover from that. phony, aters are very lot of them. some is even worse than the reportersrnalists, and stories. but last night they did it in south carolina. it was incredible. had -- what would you say, like madison square garden almost? that thing was packed, thousands thousands of people. and we t took a poll. who would be my best person to against? who would i do best against? to put it in very plain language. who the hell would i beat the easiest? took a poll. results. you the let's do it here. this group is -- ok. so pocahontas, we don't have to waste our time on, right? have tor, we don't waste our time on, right?
4:26 pm
let's not waste a lot of time. ok? buttigieg. [booing] >> i don't see it. to me, every time i look at that face, i see alfred e. newman. [laughter] >> alfred e. newman, mad magazine. problem is, most of you beautiful young women, they don't know what the hell i'm talking about. but the old ones, the ones with hair, they know exactly. they're laughing like hell. but it's true. dudie,y said, use howdy because everyone knows. i said, that's no good. be perfecto. and alfred e. newman is perfecto, but you would have to get mad magazine, which i guess is out of business for a long time, like most other right?es, but it was one of those things where i didn't add his name. went to mini mike.
4:27 pm, i don't see is -- i don't see it. he's going to have to spend a hell of a lot of money really fast, because he's getting killed in california. he's losing in texas. place.sing all over the how the hell do you spend that much money and lose? had an article in, of all places, the new york times. they had the amount of personal that somebody put up and how they did. offthey had -- they started with mike bloomberg. and i think he's like at 500 million. more than 500. this is personal money. he writes checks like a drunken use thatf i can expression. how much? you think those consultants? i know some of his people. they're bad people. they are ripping him off. he's got a couple of people right at the top. are ripping him off. they are laughing all the way to the bank. mike!unning, you're gonna do it, mike! fourus another three,
4:28 pm
hundred million. presidency,you the mike! i promise you, 500 million, now to 10%. why did you make me do this, he says. i know some of his people. are ripping him off. should we put mini mike there? i don't see it. no? don't see mini mike. people got wise to him really fast. didn't take too long. you can't buy -- something nice, assuming that happens. you can't buy an election. really can't buy. and that's a good thing, not a bad thing. [applause] >> that's a good thing. >> and there are a lot of campaign finance violations there. can do whatay you he's doing. you go into a town, give somebody a contribution. comes,s later, the guy i'd like to support mini mike bloomberg. something strange with that deal. so we have two names. we have one, crazy bernie. is crazy. and we have -- he's like a crazy professor. one,e have, the other
4:29 pm
sleepy joe biden. let's take a poll. biden first. like hell if you think i should run against him, right? is that ok? because we're, gonna beat him. beat?ll we scream like hell. sleepy joe biden? [cheering] >> all right. would you like me to run against him? crazy bernie sanders? yelling] and you can't charge me. think of it. these pollsters, do you ever see the scrap -- this crap?
4:30 pm
we interviewed 93 hundred people with a plus or minus three. mercedes will send me a bill, i guarantee it. for a free poll. that happened last night too. i did the same thing. they think that crazy bernie -- how could you be easier to beat than joe? the guy can't put two sentences together. it is insulting. how could it be easier? but he is more down the middle. everyone knows he is not a communist, and with bernie there is a question of the -- question about that, but he is definitely a radical left social democrat. joe is down the middle, but the differences that joe is not going to be running the government. he is going to pay sitting in a home someplace. and people are going to be running it for him. and they will be radical left socialists. there is no way he is going to be running the government. but we are reversing decades of
4:31 pm
calamitous trade policies, breaking up the unholy alliance of lobbyists, globalists and special interests that blat our country, but let our factories and bled our people dry. [applause] that conservative policies must conserve our jobs, conserve our manufacturing and conserve our american way of life. what we have done for manufacturing, look at all the manufacturing job it is all coming back, obama said it would never happen, never happened. he said you could keep your doctor. why didn't they impeach him for saying that? remember? 28 times. you can keep your doctor. you can't beat yes you can keep your plan. it was a lie. impeach him. america lost one in four manufacturing jobs following the twin disasters of nafta and china's entrance into the wto, the worst deals ever made and all humankind. i used to say mankind.
4:32 pm
it sounded sort of good. now i say humankind. i don't use it that much. right? the women know what i'm talking about. the women get a better than the men. the women get it better. [applause] magazine" me "time person of the year. this year i lost to greta. greta. i lost to greta. [applause] i said, who? involved ing to get that, because last time i got in a little trouble. [laughter] but it doesn't matter, i have one it enough. won it enough. in all fairness, when the whole world revolves around this person, i don't say good or bad but you turn on that super -- that stupid cnn, that stupid msnbc, turn on fox, every story
4:33 pm
is trump related. if a plane goes down with 700 people, they don't cover it anymore. that used to be a big event there it didn't cover it anymore. [laughter] it is really unfair. wehas been, by the way, have ought to great time though, this journey? [applause] amazing.ney has been a month beforey, my wife, i'm to thinking about it, i said to a couple, i'm thinking about it, i didn't think too much about it, i thought about it the day before i ran, but i remember seeing "the new york times" that came to my office, i held it up like a thing you handout at the grocery store, it would've blown away with a little wind, about two miles him now are, it would've blown away, that was "the new york times" a vibrant paper, but when i am no longer here in five years or nine years or 13 years or 17 years
4:34 pm
[laughter] think i amy actually not leaving, you know. belmar -- belmar, billcrazy bill maher, maher, he had a crazy guest that said, trump is going to win, you know that, don't you? you know he is going to win, don't you? her, you -- bill ma know he is going to win, don't you and the guest says, no, we are going to fight hard. and then he says, you know he is never leaving, don't you? he is never leaving. no, no. he will never leave. no way. i used to think he is getting. he is not. he is a total nut job, this guy. but under my administration, the great betrayal of america is over. it is no longer for sale. [applause]
4:35 pm
month we ended the gnostic attached -- the nafta catastrophe and i signed brand new u.s.-mexico-canada agreement into law. great job. the usmca is a gigantic victory for farmers, ranchers, manufacturers and workers all across our country. and speaking of farmers, something they don't know but they are learning fast, no more estate tax on your small farm, small businesses, small everything. [applause] no more estate tax. people don't talk about it. big thing. big provision. big provision. if you love your children, it's great. if you don't love your children, it's irrelevant, don't leave the money to them. but in years gone by, great farmers, good land, good everything, but they don't make that much cash, it is a tuft as business, is a tough the banks would loan money to the children in the banks would end up owning the farm and all hell was going on, and it was
4:36 pm
terrible. and no more estate tax, or as we call it, death tax, no more on small farms and small businesses. nobody talks about it. nobody talks about that, but it is a big thing if you love your children. if you don't -- does anybody here not love your children? raise your hand, please. not oneis a big thing if you lor children. hand. will that is conservative people. they all love their children. [applause] but there is one hand in the back. i'm not calling. i also took the strongest-ever action to confront china's illicit trade practices. you see what happened there. and our strategy worked, and we have a great relationship with china now. we have a very good relationship. they didn't even respect us. there were taking out $500 million a year. we had a trade imbalance. of more thancit $500 billion with a b dollars. can you believe that?
4:37 pm
who the hell could sustain? so we started charging tariffs, they hit our farmers, i gave the farmers everything that took out in the money came from china because the money came from tariffs and we had a lot of money left over, long, complicated story, not really complicated, no other president ever thought of it, and other farmers love me and winded up making a great deal. but they loved me before. the farmers when they go to cnn they would go, this is terrible what president trump is doing to you, with the trade work? and he says no, it is hurting me badly, but the trade war is necessary and should have been done years ago. everyone. have never heard anybody say different. [applause] i've never heard anybody say different. the farmers are unbelievable. i want to sonny perdue, our secretary of agriculture and said, china is tough, they are smart, they hit them. how did they take out last year? $12 billion. how much did they take out this year? $16 billion. that was last year. i said $16 billion, $12 billion, we are going to give them back
4:38 pm
the $16 billion, every year they took income of what was the best year we had with china? he said it is $16 billion. i said good. i will reimburse them $16 billion out of the tariffs china is paying. and by the way, china respects this, just so you understand. other presidents knew they're getting ripped off. they didn't want to do. they would attack our farmers, all our farmers will go bust, they didn't know, charge them tariffs, pay them back, then keep a hell of a lot more money than you are even giving to the farmers. and we kept tens of billions of dollars, and we made our first deal, and schumer went, it is terrible, the deal, he took the tariffs and said nobody wanted tariffs until i taught them what tariffs are, but it is terrible, he wanted to take the tariffs out. actually, i didn't. they are paying 25% on $250 billion. i don't even know how we pulled off that one. but they are paying. but china is great. now they want to negotiate phase two, because they want to stop tank the 25% on 250 billion
4:39 pm
dollars. otherwise we have no leverage we have no leverage. but the farmers are the greatest. and even before they knew i was going to be able to reimburse them all that money that was being taking out of their pockets, they said to me, i had 25 farmers in the white house, right in the cabinet room, i used the cabinet room, everyone used it only for the cabinet, i used it for everything but the cabinet. no, i use it for farmers. ans an incredible room, it's incredible room. and i said to the farmers, i said, you know, i want to give you back money, i want to give you a subsidy. we don't want it. could useelse, i subsidy, i could use welfare, i could use any word i wanted, the farmers hated the word subsidy, they said sir, we don't want anything we just want a level playing field. it has been this way for 20 fielden -- 20 years and absolutely hurting us. they didn't want anything. and i said, are you serious? and they said yes, we just want
4:40 pm
a level playing field, nobody can beat us. and it is true. nobody can beat. they want a level playing field. i said to myself, can you imagine? everybody that comes income other countries, businesses, they want money farmers don't. they just want to live up langfield. and that was at the bottom, where they really were looking, it was looking pretty bad, but now china is going to be buying $50 billion worth of products. the most they ever remember was $16 billion we agreed to $20 billion. in the final day they were getting the agreements ready and i said, how much other farmers getting, meaning how much is china going to purchase from? ? our farmers they said $20 billion. i said to me a favor, make it $50 billion. this at $50 billion? the chinese can't do that much. i said china, absolutely not. i said what does it mean? you have 1.5 billion people. what is the difference between 20 billion people and 50 -- $20 billion and $50 billion? they said you are right. we will give it to you. [applause] let's face it. [applause]
4:41 pm
my only problem is that he don't think the farmers can produce that much. it is going to be a very good thing to be a farmer when that kicks in. we understand that our first lady and highest, and you have to remember this, when our first lady came out she said to me today, say hello to everybody, and she said that your first duty and your highest loyalty, this was coming right from her, is to the american citizens, and you really have to let the people know. melania told me this. can you believe this? [applause] a historye giving me lesson. our first lady is giving a history lesson. [applause] highest loyalty, to the american people. [applause] i said, ok. i was pretty good. thank you. thank you, very much. i will tell her. i will tell her that was the single best line of the whole speech. leftre has the american more thoroughly violated this
4:42 pm
sacrosanct principal than on immigration. illegal immigration costs american taxpayers hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars a year, funds that could be used to improve our schools, roads, hospitals and other vital services. instead, democrats want to take even more of your money to give the illegal aliens free health care, free federal welfare, free education, they get treated better than they want to treat our military and our vets. and i stopped it. but it's crazy. immigration party's policy is about bloodthirsty cartels that maim, murder and torture and smuggle in traffic innocent human beings that flood our communities with poisonous drugs. the lapse immigration policies are not compassionate, they are heartless, merciless and cruel. countless americans are killed every year by criminal aliens.
4:43 pm
these are illegal aliens that come in and they are, in many cases, very bad people. illegalon, texas, an alien was charged with murder for killing a 75-year-old grandmother in her home, stabbing her with a vicious machete knife 13 times in the chest. waseorgia and illegal alien charged with murder for killing and dismembering his neighbor. yet despite these travesties, the far-left supports deadly sanctuary cities, where people thatthat get protection, release criminal alien predators into innocent communities rather than handing them over to our great heroes of ice. [applause] ice. they take such abuse. the the toughest gangs in world, ms 13, they slice people up.
4:44 pm
ice takes them out by the thousands. nobody else wants that. the men over here don't want that job, i can tell you right now. they are tough and they love our country, but they've got to be tough. last year the california sanctuary law forced a single county to release over 1000 convicted criminal aliens and nearly 240 have already been arrested, and they are looking for others. and those are just the crimes that we know about. marylandy county, announced a sanctuary policy last july. since then at least then illegal immigrants have been arrested for sex crimes, including the rape of an 11-year-old girl. in seattle, officials released a of this -- -- think this was a known ms 13 gang member who later beat a 16-year-old boy with a baseball bat and hacked him to death with a majority -- with a machete. the list goes on and on and on
4:45 pm
and these people are protected by their sanctuary city fools. in my state of the union address , i called on congress to pass legislation allowing victims of these deadly policies to sue these sanctuary cities for the pain, anguish and suffering they inflict on our people. [applause] everyone here today and patriotic citizens across our land agree with the fundamental bill. our country must be a sanctuary for law-abiding citizens, not for criminal aliens. [applause] mantra is noazy voters, -- no borders, no nations, no deportations. they don't want to deport. crazy bernie said he will never
4:46 pm
do a deportation. right? i better save this stuff. maybe he won't get the nomination. i won't say that he said that he thinks the boston bombers, the boston guys, he said they have the right to vote. he said prisoners in prison have the right to vote. they said, does that include the boston maniac that is scheduled to die, the death penalty, which is very good, but does that include that? he said yes, he would get the right to vote. do you believe that, that this guy would get the right to vote? so i said i won't use that until later on. and i used it today at cpac. and now he will find a way of getting out of it and now i won't be able to use it in the campaign. that's no good. see what i do here, matt? that's too bad. a little early. you gotta wait until about two months before the vote, right? he is going yes, please wait, but then you wouldn't have enjoyed that. but it is true. it is true. it is ok for him to vote. it is fine. he killed many people badly.
4:47 pm
maimed and wounded many people, and he has got the right to vote. can you believe it? this is what we have become. we believe in strong boaters, sovereign nations, and the prompt deportation of anyone who illegally breaks into our country. [applause] and thanks to our tireless efforts to secure the border, we have reduced illegal crossings by a staggering 75%. we have ended catch and release, the worst of all. [applause] we have seized a record amount of drugs and deported a record number of gang members. we are building the powerful border wall. we already up to 128 miles of border while. -- border wall.
4:48 pm
[applause] [crowd chanting] that wall. build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. build that well. president trump: it's being built, and it is being built to the highest standard. just so you know, the news, we are building it, very rough territory, the winds are blowing and they are putting it up and it is 30 feet high, steel and concrete both, you have to be able to see through. it is very expensive. it is the ultimate wall in terms of -- we went to the border patrol and then did a study and they hired people for climbers and the piece on top is called an anti-climb provision, supposedly it makes it harder. who knows? couple of, another box. it wasput up a wall, and blowing 50, 60 miles per hour in the territory, the concrete was
4:49 pm
just bored, it was soaking wet, the wall came down, we end up with a big story, trump wall gets blown over by the wind. that is what it is. but i explained, because when you have twitter, where you have so many millions of people all you have to do is say scam. [laughter] we can get the word out. we lifted a bite back up and put it back and we held that sucker in place until the concrete dried. , they don't like to report that. but that is what we have to go through. it is a very sad situation. another grave threat facing our country -- and by the way on the wall, we are up to over almost 130 miles, think of that. but everything, really amazing, but think of it. but that they say all right, so he is building a wall. you have to understand. i had an entire party against me. and the party that controls the house now, and we are going to take back the house. we have to take it back.
4:50 pm
[applause] those guys are lunatics. from these lunatics. we have to take back the house. we have to take it. now, but think of that. and so now they like to say, all right, so he is building the payingut mexico is not for it. yes, they are actually. you know what i mean, they are paying for it. they are paying for. when i put in what we are going to do, they are paying for it. and they are ok with that, because they understand it is fair. but no, mexico is paying for it. and every bit, it is better than the wall that was projected. we are doing at at higher guys doing it at a higher level. we have some any gadgets on that wall, you wouldn't believe it, sensors on things. remember they wanted drones, they said he doesn't need a wall, six years ago they wanted a wall. i made a mistake. instead of saying i should have built a wall, people were going
4:51 pm
crazy, i should've been doing this for years, i could get elected twice over the wall, but look, people are going crazy, just take a look, we have a wall, people want a wall, and one of the two things, no matter how money -- no matter how technological we get with the computers and the airplanes and everything that is going, two things will never change, the wall and the wheel. [laughter] right? a wheel and a wall. and if you come back 1000 years from now, it will still be a wall and a wheel. remember the used to say, here is a wall. we will give him a drone. that's great. we couldn't have a drone watching everybody pouring through. but the mistake i made, i should have said, we will not build the wall. then they would have made me build the wall, right? [laughter] i would have all the money i could've wanted. it would have so much -- would have been so much easier instead of going through years of -- but we won all the cases. we beat everybody. we got sued by politicians that
4:52 pm
didn't know they were politicians. we had a lot of suits that we won. we want all those suits. another great threat is the effort from washington democrats to completely demolish our health-care system, jeopardizing the health of billions of people. while congressional democrats embrace crazy bernie's socialist health care takeover, we are defending america's right to keep the doctor and plan of your choice. we are ending surprise medical billing. just happened. we oppose price transparency bigger than health care. we protect our veterans on will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. [applause] health care is a big, big part of what we are doing. democrats have declared their unlimited support for extreme, late-term abortions ripping babies straight from the mothers won't write up until the very moment of birth. straight from the mother's veryright up until the
4:53 pm
birth. every child is a sacred gift from god. [applause] thank you. my state of the union address, i also asked congress to pass legislation providing one million american children access to school choice, because no child should ever be trapped in a failing government school. many of the help of people in this room today, we passed criminal justice reform to reduce recidivism, and to help former inmates successfully rejoin society. we are helping prisoners like you wouldn't believe, people that are in, like alice johnson. you out -- you saw alice johnson, right? she served 22 years. made a phone call. she is not trying to defend
4:54 pm
herself from the phone call. 22 years and she had 22 to go and we got her out. she is a great woman. through our plans, employers are providing millions of marginalized workers with the skill they need to transition from government dependence to self-reliance. that is what we need. and we need people. to defend the rule of law we have confirmed a record number of judges who will interpret the constitution as written. that will be nice. [applause] and we have appointed our two great, new supreme court justices, as i said, neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh. [applause] left movescal aggressively to curtail freedom of speech, we are proudly defending free speech, including our college campuses. [applause]
4:55 pm
refuses to that respect your first amendment rights now risks the loss of millions and millions of federal taxpayer dollars. [applause] >> [crowd chanting] usa > usa president trump, i signed up because these colleges take our money and then they don't let people speak. they are not going to get our money. it is billions of dollars. we are also combating anti-semitism on college campuses. [applause] we are stopping the flow of taxpayer money to colleges and universities that support anti-semitic kate. hate.i-semitic $2 we have invested nearly
4:56 pm
trillion to build up the unmatched military of the united states. 2.2 trillion dollars. and for the first time in nearly 70 years, the air force being the last, we created a new branch of the american armed forces called the space force. [applause] together we have revitalized the values, traditions and principles that have always defined american greatness. citizens of every age, race, color and creed are rejecting the left's insanity and joining us in the fight to save this glorious nation. and that is what we are doing, we are saving this nation. every day our movement grows bigger, bolder and broader, and america's future gets brighter and brighter and brighter. by aovement is united towering spirit of patriotism, a profound and abiding love for our fellow americans and a deep
4:57 pm
reverence for the rights and liberties given to each of us by the hand of almighty god. we know that america is the greatest late -- greatest nation to ever exist. we know america is the strongest force for good in the world. and we know america is the home of the toughest men and the strongest women ever to walk the face of the earth. [applause] this is the home of our ancestors, carved out of the wilderness, the home of our forefathers, shed their blood, the home of our children, and this is the home that we want, this is the home that we want our children to inherit. we will love and cherish and protect this nation forever. for all of the soaring heights we have reached, we know there
4:58 pm
are still more records to be shattered, new summits to be scaled, more triumphs to be realized, and more amazing history just waiting to be written. the american adventure has only just begun. with your help in the good lord's grace, we will continue to push onward to our nation's magnificent destiny. we will continue to make our republic the inspiration, the glory and the envy of the world, as long as we are confident that our values are loyal to our citizens and faithful to our god. there is no limit to what we can achieve. the united states of america will always march on to victory. nevera is thriving like before, and ladies and gentlemen, the best is yet to come. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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i want to thank matt, mercedes, the patriots of cpac. god bless you. god bless america. we will see you next year. thank you, very much. [applause] ♪ can't always get what you want" by the rolling stones ]eing played ♪
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>> i saw her today at the reception of wine in her hand i knew she was going to meet her connection at her feet was her footloose man ♪ you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want
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